How to Plead Your Case as a Property Manager

The value landscaping has for commercial properties can often be underestimated by management. First impressions are the most lasting, and landscaping is often the first interaction a client or customer has with your business. So how do you provide extraordinary curb appeal that leaves a lasting impression without breaking the budget? If you are a property manager trying to convince upper management of the value of investing more in landscaping, here are some tips to help plead your case…






Commercial Real Estate and Retail Spaces Needs Landscaping That Will Set Them Apart

Turn your ordinary commercial landscape into a beautiful outdoor paradise. If you have high-end commercial real estate, it needs to look that way. Your landscaping needs more than just shrubs and mulch. You need a sophisticated, layered, and textured look that screams, “we are different and better!” You want to do more than get by in business; you want to thrive. Being more attractive than the competition will attract the clients that you need to succeed. 

Attractive Landscape Shouts that Your Company is Detail Oriented 

Everyone appreciates an attractive space. Implementing a commercial landscape design into your existing space is more likely to attract new clients and keep existing ones. Companies that take time to enhance their outdoor appearances are seen as detail-oriented and proactive. Potential clients will see that you care enough to maintain your own space and automatically assume that the same level of care and attention will be given to them. Every good property manager knows the markets are fickle and have their ups and downs. To smooth out the peaks and valleys of property availability, it is important to have potential tenants or buyers in a pipeline, ready to take advantage of any opening that comes along. Having an attractive landscape that maintains its beauty year-round keeps your commercial property looking fresh and current. When a property feels active, people are more willing to wait for something- they want to be ready to take advantage of any opening.

Attractive Commercial Landscaping Shows That You Value and Respect The Community You Work Within

 Having a beautiful property that stands out not only affects your business but the community as a whole. Taking the time to craft a verdant commercial landscape carefully shows that you care about and are proud of being a part of your community. Installing benches for customers to sit or fountains for children to throw pennies in is a meaningful way for a company to contribute to the community members who fuel it. Making your community a better place through professional landscaping can increase your company’s goodwill and interest. At the end of the day, a good company that invests in its community also invests in its bottom line. Whether you are trying to attract tenants, buyers, or customers getting people to notice your property is the first step in getting them to become consumers of what you have to sell.